Welcome to Another Sugar Rush

Emmaline Harvey is the voice behind Another Sugar Rush, an entertainment blog filled with stories of a life fueled by sugar. Lots of sugar.

Emmaline started this blog in 2014 under a different name, That’s Bad Advice, to chronicle her dating misadventures, but eventually came to realize that she had much more to say.

Never without a Coca-Cola in her hand, Emmaline always loves to tell stories and share her passions – whether for television (Marvel shows and CW superhero or teen dramas are “yay,” reality shows are “nay,”) sports (one day she’ll have nine sons just so she can name them after the Atlanta Braves’ 1995 starting line-up,) or nail polish (which is a totally healthy obsession, promise.) She hopes you enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys telling them.

Thanks for visiting!



All posts published on Another Sugar Rush are created, written, and edited by Emmaline Harvey. Unless otherwise noted, they have not been published on other sites with the author’s permission.

Emmaline has written and edited articles for ABC television, local news sites, nationally-published sports business journals and retail websites, and more. She would provide links to all of these but she’s reserving the right to talk about past co-workers on this blog one day and doesn’t want anything linking her back to them. (Only joking… Sort of.) Please contact for professional writing samples.

She currently writes for SpoilerTV.com, where she regularly recaps episodes of NCIS:LA, Once Upon a Time, and Suits in addition to contributing to larger group articles and polls.

Emmaline has also written fan fiction, but that’s not important and she will never, ever reveal her penname, so don’t ask. Her greatest writing achievement was the poem that won her a meeting with Josh Groban after one of his concerts.

All photos published on this blog are either taken by the author or by photographer Lindsay Hyde.


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