April TV Recaps

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NCIS: Los Angeles Recaps

NCIS: LA 9×17 – The Moster

I’ve watched a lot of procedurals and the villain in this episode is absolutely the most horrifying one I’ve ever seen.

NCIS: LA 9×18 – Vendetta

Callen’s girlfriend Anna and her terrible accent return.

NCIS: LA 9×19 – Outside the Lines

Sam goes undercover as LL Cool J and makes out with a rando.

NCIS: LA 9×20 – Reentry

There’s a lot of fun in this episode: a camping couple, terrible boyfriends, rocket scientists, and CGI’d tombstones.

Rachel Smile Meghan Markle Suits

Suits Recaps

Suits 7×12 – Bad Man

Time for that Louis childhood flashback no one asked for.

Suits 7×13 – Inevitable

Paula makes Harvey choose between her and Donna. You’ll never guess who he chooses.

Suits 7×14 – Pulling the Goalie

Donna starts a turf war and the episode title is coined in the grossest way possible.

Suits 7×15 – Tiny Violin

Things ramp up to the eventual departure of Mike and Rachel.

Suits 7×16 – Good-Bye

Ignoring the awful grammar in the title, we finally bid adieu to the future princess.