Test Your TV Skillz

I have many passions in this life: Drinking Coca-Cola. Collecting nail polish. Cheering for the Braves. Watching every single scene from Agents of SHIELD that features Fitz and Simmons on repeat until I have it memorized.

Fitzsimmons Look - Season 1
Yes, that’s right. The nerds from season one are the stars by season five.

Because I’m a passionate person, I also enjoy a little healthy competition. And by “a little healthy competition,” I mean I actually time myself every time I donate blood because I want to beat my last time.

That’s right. I want my body to “get better” at giving blood every time I do it.

Competitive - Jimmy Fallon

Turn off your computer, sit back, and reflect for a moment at how crazy that is. HOW MESSED UP do I have to be to reach that level of competititveness? Really, truly. What’s wrong with me. Feel free to message me with your thoughts.

Anyway, All of this is to say, I love fun quizzes and competitions and other ways you can prove that you’re winning at something. If you can combine several of my passions into one, it’s even better.

So without further ado, please enjoy these quizzes I wrote for SpoilerTV and test your knowledge of four of the greatest TV shows that have ever aired: The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, LOST, and Agents of SHIELD.

Spoiler alert: I already got 100% on all of them because I wrote them, so you can’t beat my score (which is exactly how I like it.) But you can at least try to tie it. Enjoy.