No New Post This Week

No new post this week because it’s Christmas and I need a break. But Emmaline, isn’t this a new post, you ask?

December wordpress calendar

Well, yes.

Why not just not post anything at all?


Because, when I post articles in WordPress, there’s a little circle around the days that I’ve posted, and I like seeing every Tuesday circled

As an apology for no new post, I recommend you go make yourself some fresh chocolate chip cookies, curl up in a pile of blankets on your couch, and read all the posts on my site that you haven’t read yet. Then share them online with all your friends.

Once you’ve done that, grab a few more cookies and get yourself super invested in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the greatest show on TV.

Seasons 1-4 on Netflix, Season 5 airing Friday nights at 9 PM EST on ABC. (No, I don’t work for them, I’m just a little too invested in getting it renewed for a season 6.)

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Ward cheekbones
Hellooooooo, cheekbones

P.S. Check out my interview with the fine man above here.