A Car Mechanic Must Have Invented Pilates

Okay, so I talked about ClassPass before, mostly so that I could just rant about how hot yoga ranks just slightly below going bungee jumping without a cord on the list of “Worst Ideas Ever.

But I want to keep trying new things at the gym, and something I’ve always wanted to try are those insane machines they use in pilates classes. I’ve seen them in a bajillion celebrities’ Instagram photos, but it always felt like one of those weird, mysterious things that only exist in L.A. Like SoulCycle, or juice cleanses, or gluten-free diets.

Pilates machine
THIS IS NOT A TORTURE DEVICE… Well, I mean, some could make the argument that it is, but they are not specifically designed to be torture devices.

I’ve taken pilates classes before, but they always were machine-free… A bunch of stretches and exercises that improve your strength, slightly more enjoyable than yoga, and thankfully NOT HEATED.

Anyway,  I did a little research and found a local pilates class that is on ClassPass that uses those machines! Apparently there are two types of machines – one is the “Tower,” which is literally just a tall rack that has a bunch of ways that you can pull your body away from it with resistance. Since I know that makes absolutely no sense, here are some pictures:

Pilates Tower

And the other machine is called a “Reformer,” which is the cool one that slides all around.

Pilates Reformer

A lot of places combine both the tower and reformer together onto one machine.

ANYWAY, so I’ve always wanted to do use these things so I showed up to class, and y’all… Pilates is FUN.


The reformer machine thingies remind me so much of those slippery sheets that people slide back and forth on to workout. You know what I’m talking about?

Sliding Workout

Or it feels like you’re on… what are the names of those small, wider surfboards kids use at the beach right along the edge of the water? Oh, skimboards!

Or like you’re laying down on a skateboard and sliding arou- WAIT, NO, I FIGURED IT OUT!

Pilates reformer boards are like those things mechanics lay on to slide out from under a car. Except you roll up and down and always return to the place where you started.

Car mechanic
The internet informs me this rolly thing is known as a “creeper.” I’d like to clarify that creeper is the device the man is on, the man himself is not the creeper. Especially since this picture is apparently of a National Guard Staff Seargant. (Thanks, Google Images!)

So basically, for class, you can use the reformer three ways. You stand one foot on the sliding part, one foot on a stationary part and then basically do half-splits open and closed, open and closed. It is legitimately fun.

Or you can sit your entire body on the slidey part and use your arm strength to pull you back and forth, kind of like reverse rowing.


It’s amazing, y’all. really.

I…. Don’t really have any snarky or witty things to say. I just really enjoy playing on the pilates machines. I think I’ve found the exercise I really enjoy besides dance.

Pretty soon that’s going to be all I talk/post about. I’m going to become a gym rat.

See y’all for Beach Body season.