October TV Recaps

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A tale of two men…

Once Upon a Time Recaps

*Note – I share recap duties for Once Upon a Time with another writer, so I do not have recaps for every episode.

Once Upon a Time 7×01 – “Hyperion Heights”
Confession: I like the reboot more than the original. Don’t message me to tell me why I’m wrong.

Once Upon a Time 7×02 – “A Pirate’s Life”
In which we learn what happened to Emma and we get DOUBLE Hook screen time.

Once Upon a Time – 7×04 – “Beauty”
An episode focused entirely around the most uncomfortable couple on the show.

Deeks gif
… who do great eyebrow acting.

NCIS: Los Angeles Recaps

NCIS: LA 9×01 – “Party Crashers”
Season nine gets off to a waaaay happier start than expected.

NCIS: LA 9×02 – “Se Murio El Payaso”
In which Sam flirts with a woman two episodes after his wife is killed.

NCIS: LA 9×03 – “Assets”
A dude with a very 90’s haircut factors into this episode and I enjoy it quite a bit.

NCIS: LA – 9×04 – “Plain Sight”
Would you consider an exposed push-up bra acceptable workplace attire?

NCIS: LA – 9×05 – “Mountebank”
Deeks arm wrestles and it’s the highlight of the episode.