A Prioritized List of What I Eat in My Freezer When the Power Goes Out

I recently had the power go out at my apartment for about a 12-hour period when the remnants of the hurricanes hit Atlanta.

Supergirl ice cream

Georgia Power has this map on their site that shows you how long you can expect to be without power. For a while there, pretty much the whole state was just labeled as “indefinitely.”

And unfortunately, the Girls Upstairs have moved, so it’s not like I have them to provide power-free entertainment.

So. Obviously the “indefinite” prognosis is a good enough reason to assume everything in the fridge and freezer is going to go bad. And I don’t like wasting money, so… It was time to light some candles, pull out some disposable utensils since I didn’t want to use the dishwasher, and eat everything in the freezer.

A Prioritized List of What I Eat in My Freezer When the Power Goes Out:

  1. All of the ice cream. This is a no brainer. It doesn’t matter how old it is or how many ice crystals are on top, you have to eat all the ice cream in the freezer when the power goes it. It’s science.
  2. Frozen candy bars. These work very well as ice cream toppers. And since they’ll be just fine at room temperature, bonus! You get to keep the leftovers.
  3. Any frozen drink mixes. This one’s tricky, since no power means no blenders. But obviously this can be dealt with if you just believe in yourself.
  4. Frozen cookie dough. Yeah, that’s right. Just eat that cookie dough raw. Don’t believe a word you’ve ever read about salmonella or the dangers of raw dough, JUST EAT IT. It’s delicious.
  5. Any frozen meats. Now that you’ve had dessert, it’s time for dinner. Throw that frozen burger patty on the grill and… Oh wait, the grill’s electric. Okay, you may just have to throw those into the bottom of the ice cube tray for added insulation and hope for the best.

Things That Will Be Fine Thawing and Freezing Again:

  1. Frozen dinners. I believe truly, deep down in my heart, that if Stouffer’s can stuff a lasagna that delicious into a box, that they’ve done something to it that will keep it preserved enough that if it slightly thaws there will be absolutely no damage to the product. I don’t care if this is technically incorrect, it’s a rule I stick to.
  2. Bread. If you’re one of those weird people that keeps bread in their freezer, then you’re in luck. It’s gonna be just fine. I’m almost certain the little tiny ice crystals on the bread won’t melt into it as the freezer thaws, then mold it all up.

Things That You Have to Toss:

  1. Ice. Once you’ve made use of all the ice you need for your delicious frozen drinks (see above), toss the ice so it doesn’t melt into a puddle in the bottom of the ice container and freeze into a solid sheet once the power comes back on and be impossible to remove. (Well, that’s not entirely accurate, I’m sure it can be removed. I just can’t be bothered to try.)
  2. Any frozen veggies. Pretty sure all healthy foods just completely go bad when the power goes out. I mean, I suppose you could pull them all out and let them thaw to room temperature, then cook something with them as soon as the power goes back on and it would all be fine… But like I said, all things healthy take the absolute lowest priority in a blackout situation.