July TV Recaps

I am a regular contributor to the entertainment news site SpoilerTV.com. All of these articles originally appeared on that site.

Suits wink
My love of Harvey and Donna…

Suits Recaps

Suits 7×01 – “Skin in the Game”
Season 7 starts with a handsome man driving around an equally handsome car.

Suits 7×02 – “The Statue”
In which we all agree that dating your therapist is a TERRIBLE idea.

Suits 7×03 – “Mudmare”
This episode starts with Harvey in the mud room and only goes up from there.

NCIS: LA hit
…is surpassed only by my love of Kensi and Deeks.

NCIS: Los Angeles Recaps

NCIS: LA – Season 8
In which I recap an entire season of television in one post.