Predicting the Success of New Fall TV Shows Based Solely on the Promo and Title – Part 2

(See part one here.)


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The Good Doctor

The kid from Finding Neverland is done romancing his mom on Bate’s Motel and is now an autistic, savant surgeon. Well, maybe. It seems the point of the show is that the hospital is arguing over whether or not someone with autism can actually practice as a surgeon. The rest of the trailer is filled with actors you definitely recognize from other TV shows and dramatic music, so you really understand just how gifted and special this “young boy” (as they say over and over) is.

Summary: Doogie Howser, the drama.

Thoughts: The show looks like it’s really going to be a great place for all of these actors, Highmore especially, to show off their skills. My only thought – and something others have noted online, as well – is that the trailer kinda gives off a “having autism is absolutely wonderful and makes you magical!” vibe. Don’t know how that will play out as the season progresses; if they’ll be realistic about autism, or if it will only be brought up when it suits the plot.

Survival: Will be low-rated but an Emmy favorite. Season 2 will happen.

The Mayor

A local rapper decides to run for mayor as a publicity stunt to get more album sales since no one’s heard of him. Shirley from Community is his mom, who finds this to be a bad idea. So does Lea Michele, which is a name I never again expected to be affiliated with a show not created by Ryan Murphy. (*Does a quick Google search to make sure this isn’t a Ryan Murphy show.* Nope, produced by David Diggs, aka Jefferson from Broadway’s Hamilton. Okay, so it’s the Broadway connection. Got it. ) There’s a few Trump references in there, he debates David Spade who’s all politician-looking, and makes some good points about how Spade has probably never been to his part of town… And right when he’s excited about record sales, surprise! He’s mayor. After a talking-to from Shirley, he figures out he can bring about real change to the city, and Lea Michele’s gonna help him with that.

Summary: Rapper runs for mayor, becomes mayor, does good.

Thoughts: You know how Atlanta is about someone from Community supporting a local rapper? Yeah, that’s also happening here… But it’s a network comedy version. Looks very funny, very timely, and well-casted. Winner.

Survival: Big hit. Will have guest appearances by big names, and definitely get a second season.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Summary: Jason Ritter (who isn’t a good person, we’re told, although we never actually see why in the trailer,) bumbles his way into finding an asteroid that hit the earth, and then an angel comes out and tells him that he must now lead a righteous life and help people. He starts to look outside himself and living for others. Joanna Garcia is there too, as his brother’s widow, I believe, and he lives with her and her daughter.

Thoughts: Could be cheesy, or could be a sweet, happy show. Similar idea to The Good Place, except they’re still on earth and no one’s died. Either way, cheesy still works on ABC, as we’ve seen with Once Upon a Time.

Survival: Gets a full season, but is on the bubble in the spring (as are all happy shows that aren’t quite full comedy.)

Ten Days in the Valley

An elite military team, led by a very attractive guy whom I have never seen before but I am 100% watching this show so that I can see him again,) is commissioned by Anne Heche to rescue an American kidnapped by terrorists. They do so, and it’s very impressive how skilled they are. It’s patriotic and I don’t think they ever clarified which branch of the military it is, or if it’s a collection situation like they had on Graceland. They rescue the girl.

Summary: This is NCIS. Since we saw them rescue the girl in the trailer, I can only assume there’s a case of the week every episode.

Thoughts: Military shows are obviously “in” this year. The David Boreanaz show looks good, but could be too heavy and need reworking to come up with a season 2. This is a more sustainable format – could go on forever. Like NCIS.

Survival: Ratings hit – as all procedurals are. Gets renewed until the end of time.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menedez Murders

Summary: It’s Law & Order meets American Crime Story. This time it stars Edie Falco, it’s about the Mendedez Murders, and Dick Wolf is involved instead of Ryan Murphy.

Thoughts: Not much to say. Pretty straight forward. Falco may get some recognition.

Survival: It says this is a chapter in the Law & Order: True Crime stories, so I imagine this story is just for the season before switching to Jon Benet next season or something.